May 14, 2006

A Play A Day #31

Intermission: The Play


Setting: A Theater

(Stage lights go down. House lights come up. Audience files from their seats, some stay seated. People are talking to each other. Stage lights come back up half way. Scene stays the same. Can hear general conversations and people moving about here and there in the house. Loud, muffled conversations coming from lobby and draining into the house. People come in and out of the house at random. After about eight minutes, larger numbers of people come into the house. Conversation increases in volume. Suddenly, there is a pleasant bell sound. It rings five or six times, then many more people start coming back into the house. People slowly return to their seats and break off conversations. House lights start to dim; conversations fade more rapidly. House lights out, a few last-second words are whispered in the house, lights fade up on stage.)


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Brendon Etter said...

Again, thanks to Michael for the conversation that lead to this very short play. We banter, and usually ideas appear. I have two different versions of this play in mind. Remind me, and I'll write them up too. This is the simplest one. The next is a little busier with three scenes. The last actually has lines and maybe three scenes as well.

First goal accomplished: one month staraight of A Play A Day. Next goal: pretty damn obvious - yes, it's two months. See if we make it to June 14th.