June 12, 2007

Lions and Tigers and...

1. Ducks! (Oh my!)

2. Fax Machines! (Oh my!)

3. Mimes! (Oh my!)

4. Similar types of fauna! (Oh my!)

5. Opium! (Oh my!)

6. Hot cocoa! (Oh my!)

7. Deconstructionist literary theory! (Oh my!)

8. Dangerclowns! (Oh my!)

9. Genitalia! (Oh my!)

10. Cranberry scones! (Oh my!)

11. Rabies! (Oh my!)

12. Video games! (Oh my!)

13. Their respective attorneys! (Oh my!)

14. Heavy traffic on the Midtown backed up all the way to 89th! (Oh my!)

15. Stuff! (Oh my!)

16. Chainsmoke Kansas Flashdance Asspants! (Oh my!)

17. Chicks with dicks! (Oh my!)

18. Small arms fire! (Oh my!)

19. Thou! (Oh my!)


www.time2use.com said...

I don't know why but this post reminded me of the Wizard of Ozz.

Jessica said...

So, bleeeeeet, a challenge for ya: I want to see one list that I can show to my (fictional) 8-year-old neighbor without fear of recrimination by angry parents or SVU officers.

One family-oriented post: that's the challenge.

You up for it?

Bleeet said...

What about "Seven Habits of Highly Effective Superheroes"? That one is quite clean. The "suburb" one I just wrote is certainly not bad. Give it a fucking try.

jacob said...

burrs (oh my!)

furs (oh my!)

vaugly political overtones (oh my!)

Elizabeth said...

DANGERCLOWNS!!!!! I love it! You are hilarious. If I haven't already said it, I will say it now: you are my second-favorite blogger! And really, I have no agenda in making that claim. No agenda at all. Hint, hint.