June 13, 2007

If Suburbs Were Named Based on Reality

1. Stifled Valley

2. Conformaton

3. Onemapleleftburg

4. Alltan Houseland

5. Disappearedcreek

6. Vaguelynaturalville

7. Unhealthy Lawncare Acres

8. Racialenclavia

9. Sameham

10. Helladelphia

11. Dontwalkfield

12. Horriblestreetlayoutopolis

13. Suckborough


Jessica said...

I think my mom lives in Alltan Houseland!!!

Christopher Tassava said...

Fantastic! My townhouse in Northfield apparently also exists in several of these locales, such as Alltan Houseland and Unhealthy Lawncare Acres.

Brendon Etter said...

The irony in me writing the list is that I used to live in "old" Northfield (for over 8 years) but last year moved to "suburban" Northfield. We steadfastly refused to have our house clad in any shade of tan, however. I did hold out on that point.

Nonetheless, often the best humour comes from those living the situation they are parodying / satirizing / belittling. A smart fish knows when the water smells funny.

Anonymous said...


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