May 21, 2010

Other Amazing and Weird Similarities between Kennedy and Lincoln!

Here are just a few other creepy coincidences (or are they coincidences?) that they (yes, THEY!) don't want you to know!

1. Both Kennedy and Lincoln were male AND had penises.

2. Kennedy was the President of the United States when he was killed; so was Lincoln.

3. Lincoln once made a campaign stop in Addison, Virginia. Kennedy had Addison's Disease.

4. Both men were killed by a bullet - a very hard projectile propelled at great velocity from what some experts call a "gun."

5. Lincoln had prominent facial hair covering an area of his face; Kennedy also had that same area on his face.

6. Lincoln was shot on 04/14/1865. Kennedy on 11/22/1963. Neither of their birthdays.

7. Both Presidents were shot by people with sort-of-funny middle names.

8. People were sad about the assassinations of both men.

9. Both Presidents' last names have seven letters in them, and seven is a lucky number.

10. Kennedy was killed the same year the actress, Jodie Foster, was born. William Hinckley, the man who attempted to assassinate President Reagan, supposedly did so in a vain attempt to impress Jodie Foster, and Reagan was a Republican President just like Lincoln. Very compellingly, Jodie Foster is an avowed Democrat, just like Kennedy!

11. Lincoln was famously born in a log cabin; Kennedy was also born famous.

12. Abraham Lincoln actually died the day after he was shot, on April 15, which is now - not coincidentally - the due date for filing your federal income taxes; the same federal income taxes Kennedy filed many times.

13. Abraham Lincoln's middle name rhymed with Kennedy's middle name.

14. { Fill in the blank! }


ShOI said...

15. If you rearrange the letters in Abe Lincoln John Kennedy, you get "Johnny bled on a neckline" - and he probably did.

Brendon Etter said...