November 29, 2007

I Am So High Right Now

Dude! I am sooo high right now! hey, hey, did you, did you ever, like, you could, you know, you could... I heard this, you... if you, you took out all your ummmm brain cells, like, you took them one by one out of, took them from your brain, you know?

And you took out and laid, and put them down on a table or something like that and laid them down, each of them, and you couldn't even count them!

There would be so many!

You couldn't, there are too many brain cells to count... plus, you don't have a brain anymore, so it'd be hard to, to count them... anyway.... I'm so fucking high right now!


Here's the complete list of the shit in my system right now:

1. Marywannafuckme

2. Diet cocaine

3. High-grade niacin

4. A whole assload of little round pills that had 'm's on them

5. WD-40

6. Heroine

7. Sugar smack

8. Quality shit

9. WD-41

10. L, S, and D, separately

11. Meta-amphetamine

12. Piss, vinegar

13. Imported pure Panamanian carbon

14. Ass'ed

15. WWJD-40


Brendon Etter said...

What? No comments?

Ya bastards.

ShOI said...

16. A mug of hot coca
17. A bowl of alphabet soup with the letters arranged to spell DMT, THC, DXM, PCP, and MDMA
18. Jamaican red hair (actual hair from this Jamaican redhead I know)
19. Contact high from Keith Richards, wherever he may be

Brendon Etter said...

Shoi is consistently high. He went to some sorta fuckin' hippie school.