July 17, 2013

What I Just Realized About Some Popular 1970s Songs

1 - The Copacabana does not take place in the popular beach district of Rio de Janeiro, because that particular Copacabana, though hot, is not "north of Havana."  My mistake.  It is also a sadder narrative than I remembered.  The song smells like orange perfume.

2 - The horse doesn't have a name, but that's a meaningless human construct to place on any animal, especially one that is very busy carrying you through a desert filled with plants, birds, rocks, things, and possibly other stuff.

3 - I'm going to continuing assuming that Todd Rundgren is the "me" in question.  This has worked for me so far.  The name "Rundgren" also sounds like an impression of a motorcycle noise.

4 - The Devil totally beat Johny's ass down there in Georgia.

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