August 22, 2014

No Matter What the Bottle Tells You, Do Not Share a Coke with ...

- your computer
- your left ear
- your dreams
- shag carpeting
- most of Bob Dylan
- Antonio. If the Coke bottle wants you to share with Antonio, don't! If Antonio begs, still do not share with him. He'll get petulant about it - trust me - and then you can point out that his petulance is a big reason why you won't share with him. If he persists, tell him it's because I said so. That'll shut him up, because his past actions are not to be forgiven. Not yet. And, despite his bluster, he knows why and likely accepts that he brought this harm unto himself. So, no Coke for Antonio. None.
- any product of exhumation
- chalk
- the unreachable horizon
- your friend's pants
- all prime numbers
- Antonio, still no
- your manta ray
- the rest of Bob Dylan

1 comment:

corinnak said...

No Coke for Antonio! Got it!