May 2, 2011

What Osama Bin Laden Was Probably Doing Right Before He Was Killed

1 - Patiently waiting right in front of that one big window at exactly the agreed upon time for his new buddies to meet him for a couple beers.

2 - Trying one last time to fix that crappy beard trimmer.

3 - Waxing his Mustang.

4 - Playing horseshoes with hand grenades.

5 - Feeding the poor.

6 - Meeting with public relations experts to learn how to rebrand himself for today's kids.

7 - Some light couponing.

8 - Slaughtering the recently fed poor.

9 - Ab crunches.

10 - Learning some Joni Mitchell tracks for his new cover album.

11 - Figuring out where Obama was really born.

12 - Wondering what that sound was.


Christopher Tassava said...

Can't get better than #11. Well done.

cheap essays said...

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