April 23, 2011

Hey Kids! Can You Spot the Difference?

Please find the differences between the first image and the second image.  Answers are beneath each pair.

A: The bunny on the right is a known apologist for fascism. 

A: The dragon on the bottom once shot a man for snoring;
the dragon on top was framed for that murder.

A: The pig on the right will be the first to die.

A: The kitty on the right is not a reflection at all, but a felindroid simulacrum sent through a fourth dimension portal!  Kitty on the left, run damn it, run!! That kitty is too cute!  You don't understand the wrath that will be wrought upon kitties everywhere for all time!!

A: The world on the right has basic cable.

A: The teddy bear on the right pays less in taxes.  Ambiguity is his friend.

A: Both phone booths are being ironic, but in different ways.

A: It is beneath us both to explain this.

THANK YOU FOR PLAYING.  Record your score for the authorities.  They will be there to collect your data, eventually.

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