December 6, 2007

My Prospective Titles for the "Snakes On A Plane" Sequel

It will be tough to top a movie title like "Snakes On A Plane". I mean, think about it... here you have four words which pull multiple duties.

They serve as:
1) The title
2) The plot
3) The script
4) The critical review
5) The ready-made, hotel-room, HBO magazine summation

Without ever having seen the original movie, I will hereby venture to guess at what Hollywood insiders might be toying with for a title for the next "Snakes On A Plane" movie... and, dear God, I hope they make one... so I can not have to see it to know exactly what happens.

1. Snakes On A Plane II: The Resnakening

2. Bigger Snakes On A Bigger Plane

3. Vipers On A Jet

4. Again With The Snakes And The Plane And The Hissing (Jerry Lewis remake)

5. Earthworms On A Cessna

6. Plane Snakes!

7. The Suborder Serpentes Aboard A Commercial Airliner

8. Sssssssss On A Plane

9. High-Flying Herpetological Hijinks

10. The Distressing Yet Astounding Adventures Experienced By The Snake Family Upon Traveling One Day By Aero-plane

11. Boas On A Boeing

12. Snakes On A Plane 2: Again!

13. A Plane With Snakes On It

14. Thank You For Flying With Snake-Filled Airlines

15. Akesnay Onway Away Aneplay (Pig Latin remake)

16. Planes! Snakes! On Them!

17. Caution: Plane May Contain One Or More Snakes

18. Trousersnakes On A Plane (porn remake)

19. Snakes On A Chicken On A Crocodile On A Rhinoceros On A Plane

20. Snakes On Planes? Perhaps...

21. Public Snakes, Private Planes

22. Snakes On A Plane III: Snakes On A Plane, Part 2

23. Snakes With Guns On A Plane

24. Enalp A No Sekans ("Memento" remake)

25. Snakes Near A Plane

26. I Hate Snakes On A Plane (Raiders Of The Lost Ark IV)

27. Snakeplane! The Musical!

28. Snakes On A Plane. SNAKES On A Plane! SNAKES On A PLANE!! SNAKES ON A PLANE!!!

29. Snakes On Two Planes

30. Snakes On A Plane v2.0: Snakier On A Planier

31. Snakes On This Particular Plane

32. Snaaakes.... ona.............. Plane (starring William Shatner)

33. Snaked On A Plane: The Reptile Mile High Die Club

34. Snakes On A Plane, But In Coach Class Only

35. Snakes on The Plane (It's Pronounced 'Thee')

36. Snakes On A Plane, But Not The Same Plane As Before


Circe said...

37. Snakes on a Vertical Plane

38. Snails on a Plane

39. Pigs in Space

40. Glengarry Glen Snakes

41. Snakes on a Bi-plane

42. Snakes on a Shortbus

43. Groupies on a Tourbus - toxic chicks are put on a bus with the group Poison

44. Oh, all right, I'll stop.

Laughing_at_Fellini said...

Any good sequel has to raise the stakes, and expand the dramatic canvas while still articulating the same vision that made the original such a success. In light of these considerations I offer this suggestion: Zoo Animals Are Gunning People Down in the Streets of New York.

Bleeet said...

I have only four words for you Laughing at Fellini:

"Uncle! Uncle! Boing! Boing!"

Also would be a great movie title.

Thank you for the insights; now where's my script for our project?