May 7, 2007


1. Professor Butler
2. The concierge - he was filling in for the butler that day
3. Tom - in butler grad school, did it for his thesis
4. The waitress - married to a butler
5. Nigel - considered by many to be a butler's butler
6. Butler University
7. That loner who has a fascination for power tools and clown make-up


Elizabeth said...

Oooh, does "that loner" have any relationship whatsoever with clown-with-axe-in-head??

Bleeet said...

This would probably be clown-with-axe-in-hand, Elizabeth

Elizabeth de silentio said...

So the power-tool-wielding clowns and the axe-wielding clowns are now one and the same? The last I heard, they were at each other's throats.

Bleeet said...

There are always those Renaissance sociopathic clowns who tread in both camps. Of course, both camps then, individually, consider those clowns complete sell-outs.