May 22, 2007

What Was That Sound?

1. Probably nothing.

2. You screaming... inside a vacuum. You better believe you can hear it.

3. Not sure if the sound is related, but the smell is certainly that of a grizzly bear scorned.

4. Likely nothing.

5. One hand clapping, and my two hands flipping off your pretentious ass.

6. Ironically, it's the sound of both of your ears being torn from your head.

7. A tree falling in the woods and no one hearing it, except you, but that doesn't count because the tree crushed everything like a paper cup... a paper cup that happened to be filled with you.

8. Maybe nothing.

9. It's in your head; by which I mean, it's coming from inside your head and pissing off everyone around you.

10. The dam breaking, billions of gallons of water spilling over everything. The village! No! The village in the valley below! Watch out! Watch out! Run people! RUN!! No, wait... sorry, it was just me peeing on an ant hill again.

11. Potentially nothing.

12. The color green.

13. The tears of a clown, after you crush his spirits and his spine.

14. Your mother. She's just died from heartache; because you never call or write.

15. Hardly nothing.

16. Microwave popcorn. It's done! Quick! Ahh... shit, now it's burnt.

17. Likely something, since you'd have to be a complete idiot to think that a sound would be caused by nothing. I mean, even if it's only your imagination, it's still being caused by something.

18. A careless whisper. Taking down an entire empire of cards.

19. Could you describe the sound? Did it sound like a cranberry ripening, or was it more like a ripe cranberry becoming just slightly over-ripe?

1 comment:

ShOI said...

Ah, nothing like a clown with a crushed spine to brighten my day. Thanks!