July 16, 2008

Brendon Etter for Mayor Website Webbed! Plus More Slogans!

Check it out right here, kiddies. The webb-ed sight is there. We need to work on some of the details; so keep checking back for vital changes.

It needs more virulent, punchy patriotism, that's for sure. We probably need to make fun of French people, too. That's a given.

I want people to understand that I'm not going to talk down to them. I'm only going to speak to them in the short, barking, America-first sloganeering their tiny brains can understand.

In that vein, here are more slogans:
- Brendon Etter: How Are You?
- Brendon Etter: Shut Up, French Person!
- Brendon Etter: Taxes Suck!
- Brendon Etter: Choke On My Patriotism, You Damn Terrorist!
- Brendon Etter: Seriously.
- Brendon Etter: It Is A Privilege To Vote For Someone Of His Caliber.
- Brendon Etter: Whatever's Cool With You.
- Brendon Etter: A Must!
- Brendon Etter: He Hates What You Hate.


Jim H. said...

Tactical/legal/moral question: Do write-in candidates have to register with the county election officials so that there is a space on the ballot to write in, or are there always write-in spaces on ballots?

I suppose if there are no write-in spaces on the mayoral ballot, one could just strike through another candidate's name and substitute Brendon's name. That would feel good, but might be considered a scratch-off, not a write-in.

I ask because I don't want any technicalities -- like laws or silly rules -- to interfere with the groundswell of support that will surely sweep Brendon into City Hall come November.

Brendon Etter said...

Good question, Jim!

I believe there is always one write-in space provided.

If not, we will bring our own ballots.

We must use any means necessary to ensure a peaceful transition to my enthronement, including violence.