February 23, 2007

A Play A Day #316

Damned If You Do/Don't


Setting: Sofa.

(Lights up, Willa sits on front edge of the sofa, she is oddly slack, but still sitting upright, she is asleep but awake. Enter Yvette, perky.)

Yvette: There you are.

(pause, she moves to sit by Willa)

Y: Willa? Hey. Willa?

(she sits, gently shakes Willa by the shoulders)

Y: Willa? Hi. It's me. Willa? Willa. Willa. Willa!

(Willa lets her mouth fall open, drools, and slurs)

Willa: Whuuu...?

Y: What's wrong? What's up? Are... hey... you're drooling... Willa?!

W: Whuuu...?

Y: Are you on drugs?

W: Nuuhh...

Y: You're freaking me out, girlfriend... What's going on here?

W: Sleeee...

Y: Yeah, you need to sleep, yeah. I'd say that was true... okay...

W: Kayyyyy...?

Y: Yeah. Sleep sweetie. You're going to die if you don't get some sleep.

W: Whuuuu...?

Y: Ohh... yeah, it's well known that if you don't get any sleep for a long period of time, your heart will stop. Pop. You're gone, off, dead.

W: Nuuuhhh...

Y: You better get to sleep, Willa. This is no good.

W: Caaahhhnnnt.

Y: You have to!

W: Tooooooo.... tiiiiirrrrrrrr....

Y: You can't be too tired to sleep... that's an old lie.

W: Oooooohhhh....

Y: (helping W to lay down on the couch, taking off W's shoes, putting blanket over her) Here you go... there... this was probably all my fault, wasn't it? You not sleeping. Sorry. I didn't realize that it would effect you so strongly. (beat) Well, nighty-night! (Y moves to the exit) Yeah. I never should have told you about those bizarre cases of perfectly healthy women dying in their sleep for no reason.

(Y shuts off the lights, exits)

(small spot on W's face as she snaps her eyes wide open, shakes)

(spotlight off)


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