February 13, 2007

A Play A Day #306



Setting: Outside

(Lights up, Megan, in shorts and tee shirt, stands on the front lip of the stage, Zofi and Sally, dressed similarly, pace behind her.)

Zofi: Jump, jump!

Sally: C'mon Megan! We've been here for thirty minutes now!

Megan: (anxiety) Nnnnnnnnnn....

Z: You said it wouldn't take long!

S: Megan, the movie is starting in, like, fifteen!

(Megan starts crying to herself)

S: Oh, quit whining! C'mon... if you're not going to do it, can we just go?

Z: Sick of waiting, Megs.

S: Why do have to be like this? Always... it's "Come on guys, I've gotta do something! Let's go, let's go!" You get us all pumped, so we drive like ten mnutes out of our way so you can show us what you want to do, and then you back down! So, we're just like waiting while you decide that you can't perform your stunt du jour! It's really annoying, Megan!

Z: Sally's right, Megs... just annoying as all hell.

S: So get busy! Do it; then we can go!

M: I'm sorry; I'm sorry... it's just so high up... so far...

S: Can we go then?

Z: Shit! "Fireglass II" starts in ten, and we're ten minutes from the theater!

S: Previews, previews, we've got a few more minutes than that...

Z: But I like the previews!

S: Hear that, Megan!? Zofi's missing his previews! C'mon!!

M: Sorry, Zofi... sorry... I just didn't know that it was this high... I'm frightened...

S: Who isn't? Just go or don't, but make up your fucking mind!

Z: Megan!!

S: Go! Go! Jump or something!

Z: Megs! C'monnnnn!!

S: Hurry up!

M: Alright!!! Alright! Alright. Alright... (long pause, deep breath) Allll... right... (she jumps, soundlessly, lays flat on the floor in front of the stage)

S: Whoa! She did it!

Z: It's about time!

S: Now where do we pull her out at?

Z: River flows that way, I think the boat landing is over there.

(they exit right, lights down, lights up, S and Z return, confused)

Z: Must be that way then... but I could have sworn...

(they exit left, lights down, lights up, S and Z return)

S: It's not there either.

Z: You know what... I think, I think...

S: I didn't even see a river.

Z: ... we took the wrong turn off the gravel road...

S: What?

Z: Ummm... yeah... this is the part below the dam...

S: What?

Z: River's above the dam.

(they approach the edge with trepidation, long pause)

S: Ummmm...

Z: So...

S: Uhhh...


S: "Fireglass II" starts in five.

Z: We better fly!

(they run off)

(lights fade to spotlight on Megan's body, spot fades out)


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