October 25, 2006

A Play A Day #195

KissKiss KillKill


Setting: Hannah's bedroom.

(Enter Hannah and Dexter, adlibbing sexual comments to each other, falling over each other to move toward the bed)

Hannah: (seductively) I know what you're looking for.

Dexter: Yeah?

H: It's in my mouth.

D: Is it?

H: Come. Taste.

D: Don't let it fall out. (grabs her roughly, they kiss passionately)

H: (pulling away, breathing hard) Did you find it?

D: (breathing harder) No. I don't think so.

H: Look again. (she grabs him roughly, kisses him hard, for a while)

D: Okay... I think that was it... I think I found it.

H: Yes, but that was just a doorway. The real prize is inside this dress. (turns her back, he unzips it, the top falls down, she turns and sits on the bed)

D: Very nice.

H: (leaning back on her arms, sliding hand under the blankets, crooks her finger at him) How do you want it? Fast or faster? (she starts unzipping his pants)

D: However you want to give it to me.

(Hannah lets his pants drop and then brings up a large knife in her other hand and starts stabbing him in the stomach and chest, he has no time to react, feebly flails in pain as she continues gleefully stabbing him many, many times, long after he has stopped putting up any resistance at all. Blood everywhere. Eventually she stops; laying back on the bed, leaning against the headboard, examining the knife, tracing the blood across her own body and smiling. Knock on her door.)

H: Come in.

Wyatt: (entering, looking at the scene) Hmmm... pretty graphic, Hannah.

H: But this one was so much fun, Wyatt!

W: I'm sure it was.

H: Feel the blood! It's so warm.

W: Why's your dress only half off?

H: It just worked better that way... the pacing, what he said... it just fit.

W: Did you let him kiss you?

H: Uh...

W: Shit! You let him kiss you! I can't believe you!

H: We were in the moment, and I...

W: I don't care if you were fucking him, you never kiss a client on the mouth!

H: But...

W: Never! You know the rules, Hannah!

H: I know the rules, but you have to be there, and then you can judge if it's okay or not!

W: No! I don't "have to be there", Hannah! You know why!? Do you!!??

H: 'Cause you're an asshole?!

W: Yes! I am! I'm the asshole that started this company; I have a reputation to maintain! What happens if it gets out that my girls are kissing clients on the mouth?

H: Then they feel like it matters more!

W: No! We don't want these guys getting too attached, and you can't be getting any diseases - you're one of my best girls. You use a condom, you don't kiss 'em, and you kill them the way they want to be killed.

H: They can't get attached; they're about to die.

W: No, but you could, and where would that leave the client; where would that leave the company?

H: I was doing what I thought was right.

W: I'm sure you were, but you need to do what I think is right. It's my business; you work for me. We offer professional escort services for a very special community, and you need to leave the policy decisions to me.

H: He was impotent.

W: So?

H: He couldn't get it up. I knew that; he told me. I had to give him some thrill without exposing him to actual sex. He knew what was going to happen. Just kissing. I didn't want to embarrass the poor guy.

W: Yeah, those are hard cases. I'll give you that... but you know you could always masturbate or something... give him a show... I mean, jeez, kissing him just is too dangerous in this business.

H: Alright, alright! Fine! Can we not argue anymore? I'm kind of in my afterglow stage here, and I'd like to enjoy it a bit longer.

W: (looking at watch) Not much time for that. You'd better shower, get some new clothes on... you've got a twofer in thirty minutes. I'll get the disposal and cleaning crew in here... (starts leaving) This time, Hannah, can you please stick with sucking and fucking and killing... in that order? Alright? It's for your own good. (leaves)

H: That man has no vision... (she gets up, looks at Dexter's corpse) Damn... you were a great kisser, too... (leaves slowly)

(lights out)


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