March 8, 2010

Some People Jesus Knew and His Nicknames for Each of Them

1) Paul, the Assyrian Butcher - "Chopper"
2) Seth, the Mangler - "Sir"

3) Pontius Pilate - "One-termer" or "Dickface"

4) Richard, the Church-builder - "Ricky Tabernacle"

5) Josephus of Sycophantya - "Leech"

6) Peter, Andrew, James the Greater, James the Less, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, Thaddeus, Simon & Judas Iscariot - "J-Crew and Mr. Squeals"

7) Madeline of Judea - "Bubbles"

8) Prophylus, Elegant Dancer of the Times - "Space Cowboy"

9) Bob of Nazareth - "Doppelgänger" or "Team Player" or "Sucker"


Unknown said...

Can I try?

Jedidiah the Leper of Ur - "Lefty"
Lorenzo the Tax Collector - "R-Money" (Rome)
Zacchaeus of Jericho - "Shorty-Z"
Eutychus the Hermit - "Stinks" or "Stinx"

Brendon Etter said...

Nice, Jeff! That's one of the nicest aspects of these lists: people contributing their own bits.

I was going to do a leper one with the nickname being "Scabby" or "Ol' Scabby" or "The Gimper" or something.