November 14, 2007

What I Am Smoking Today

I was recently asked by a fellow male-underwear model / cannibal / blogger the following question: "Are you going to eat that thyroid?"

After sharing the gland in question and posing for the new Sunday Times fishnet micro-briefs glossy insert, he saw me lighting up. Curious, he inquired: "What are you smoking today?"

I grabbed my life-long friend by the ears, took a playful bite out of his left shoulder (he hardly ever uses it), then we sat around the photo studio's campfire in our man-thongs, hoisted a couple long necks and a couple beers, and bled and joked about what indeed I might be smoking on such a fine day.

1. Asstango 100s

2. This thing I found in my cat's litter box

3. Ennui Naturals

4. The tragic and the sublime

5. Lo-Tar MiddleSkoolKools

6. A twenty dollar bill, unfiltered

7. Sardine Menthols

8. Film School Prerequisites

9. 100 grams of high-grade imported pussy

10. Incredulity

11. Seriously Not A Penis Substitute UltraLites

12. The U.S. Constitution, amended

13. The stares of the questioning horde

14. Dignity Away

15. Stupid Fucking Cunt Slims

1 comment:

ShOI said...

16. Camels. Actual camels, not the cigarettes.
17. Wheatgrass.