March 12, 2007

A Play A Day #332



Setting: Restaurant table, in the middle of things.

(Lights up)

Berkley: That's exactly what you want me to think.

Karina: No, well, yes, because it's true.

B: It's a lie.

K: I don't lie, Berkley.

B: How long would this lie have gone on?

K: It...

B: How blind do you think I am?

K: I don't...

B: Just sit back and watch it happen?

K: No... Berk...

B: You're so obvious, you know?

K: I meant everything...

B: You meant nothing; you just lie all the time.

K: You meant everything...

B: I meant nothing; it wasn't about me.

K: ...everything to me!

B: It was always about what you needed. You first.

K: That's not why I did it.

B: It's just fantasy for you.

K: No, it was real; I knew it was real!

B: You get lost in fantasy; these little dramas you create to brighten your life. I was just another one.

K: You were real.

B: And I still am, Karina.

K: But, we just couldn't...

B: I know, you just had to call it off. You couldn't go through with it.

K: Neither could you.


B: Fine... true. But this?

K: I don't really have to answer to you.

B: No, probably not, but you do have to answer to your husband.

K: Berkley... you won't... don't say that.

B: Now, there are two jilted lovers.

K: Berk... please.

B: And this third man.

K: I... can't explain it.

B: I can. (pause) It ends now.

K: I don't have to do anything...

B: Last I checked, one of our spouses was still in the dark about the affair.

K: You know that would backfire.

B: I'll take that chance.

(long pause)

B: (different tone) You said I was special. That I was it: "the only man you'd ever leave your husband for."

K: I was wrong.

B: And you're wrong again. This new guy, he's nothing. Drop him. Now.

K: No.

B: Do it, Karina!

K: No... I can't.

B: We've been done for a year, but it hurts... it hurts, seeing you draping yourself across him... I'm not the only one who notices either, Karina. It's so obvious.

K: You don't even know what's going on!

B: I do! I do, because it's exactly how you behaved with me, and that's what hurts. I was okay with the affair ending; because I thought, wow, I was her one thing... I felt so alive. It was just me, just me!

K: Yeah... well. (getting up) Listen, I need to go.

B: Go? Where?

K: Home.

B: (pulls out his cell phone) Hey, great, I'll call Tom; let him know you're on your way home.

K: Don't.

B: Let him know that you're bringing home a nice long story to answer for.

K: Berk...

(she kisses him on the forehead softly, and leaves, Berkley keeps his eyes closed, hangs his head, he then looks at his cell phone, looks after Karina's exit, and thinks, he slowly puts the phone back into his pocket, and puts his head in his hands as the lights fade out)


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Brendon Etter said...

Yes, the title of this play is supposed to be spelled that way.

You probably figured that out by now.