May 23, 2010

The Names of Bands Fronted by Famous Historical Figures

Special thanks to the curriculum of Mr. Ernie Cruz which inspired me to create a list of band names had they been fronted by various historical figures. I'm probably not going to treat the assignment with as much reverence as Ernie's students.

1. Napolean Bonaparte - Emperor Abba Fodder

2. Pope Urban II -The Urban Beatdowns

3. Carry Nation - Beer Barrel Poker

4. Adam Smith - Market Mark and the Handless Bunch

5. Sylvia Plath - Joy Division

6. Charles Darwin - Select This!

7. William Shakespeare - Food of Love

8. Eve - Oppression Justification Figurehead

9. Isaac Newton - Move It, Move It

10. Sigmund Freud - Cigarhead and the Gynophobes

11. Gertrude Stein - Thereless

12. Confucius - Say Wha...

13. Helen Keller - Close Enough

14. Plato - The Underpinnings

15. Jane Goodall - Not Monkees


Anonymous said...

you might like this:

ShOI said...

If my good friend Devil Jackson were reading this, he might submit 16. Jesus and the Last Temptations.

Brendon Etter said...

You have a friend named Devil Jackson? Any relation to Jack Devilson or Jack, the Devil's son?