May 5, 2010

The Dream / Nightmare Threshold

Where does a dream cross over into a nightmare?

Here are a few examples from my sleeping life which may or may not be real if only because reality doesn't always apply in such a world.

Dream: The apples were fresh and tart. Nightmare: The apples acted fresh and tart.

Dream: The beautiful stranger touched my shoulder. Nightmare: Her hand stayed on my shoulder after she left the bus.

Dream: I pitch a no-hitter. Nightmare: Wearing only crotchless panties.

Dream: The valley lay before me in richest greens. Nightmare: The valley lay before me, exactly six feet deep and freshly dug.

Dream: The numbers add up. Nightmare: The numbers perform a very quick tracheotomy.

Dream: She said "yes!" Nightmare: When I asked if she saw me pitch my no-hitter.

Dream: The map leads to the treasure. Nightmare: The treasure is an identical map which leads you to an identical treasure.

Dream: Circles and squares in exactly the right colors. Nightmare: Marching to a military song that is in the wrong key.

Dream: The pizza is done. Nightmare: Done with me and not shy about letting everyone know it.

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