October 29, 2010

Where The Pain Takes You

1) Down Pain Avenue three blocks, then a left on Pain Street

2) On a double-date with hurt, angst and suffering, and you really have no good way to figure how to pair up

3) To Spain in a plane where it mainly rains, unless you happen to be in Spain already, and so you should remain, or are close enough that you could walk or take a train

4) Pain House, not to be confused with The House of Pain or Paintopia: An Executive Community of Prestige

5) Wherever it wants provided you have a passport and an ass to kick all the way there

6) Over Despair Falls, which you briefly think means your despair will fall away, but then you remember that pain's always playing dickish jokes like that

7) Toward a performance art career

8) (Tie)  dark places / abandoned interstate highway restrooms / shows by performance artists / WalMart / church basements

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