October 22, 2010

Concerns I Have About Space And Time

- Space gets angry if I pretend it's not there, and it may be more than a healthy amount of anger.

- Time has begun overusing chat abbreviations in its texts.  I'm not sure it even knows what they mean; leading to awkward exchanges like this:  Me - "We can talk later. I'm at my dad's funeral."  Time - "rotflmao"  What?  That's going to cause a lot of trouble with people who are not as understanding as I am.

-  Often, time just keeps going on and on when I give clear signals that I'm no longer paying attention.

-  Finite or infinite?  Space wants it both ways, and it's just not something my heart is able to grasp.

-  Time has expressed unwavering support for space, but then often uses air-quotes when discussing space's many "accomplishments."  Just like that; air-quotes around accomplishments.

-  I found an empty bottle of rum under space's bed.

-  Time has grown increasingly abusive toward other dimensions, often running backward just to fuck with their flow.

-  I recently learned they may be closely related, which is going to make for a very awkward conversation given what happened at Debbie's birthday party last weekend.

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